Mark Grainger

Our founder, Mark Grainger, began in aviation at the ripe old age of 13 working as a ground crew at a small grass strip airpark in Virginia. He has flown hang gliders, sailplanes, crop dusters, banner planes, commuters, charters, airliners, fighter jets, and almost everything in between.

Mark and his wife Cathy live in Cocoa Beach where they are raising two small future aviators, Kevin & Brian.​​

Steve Nesbitt
​Director of Operations, Lead Pilot

​Steve Nesbitt is a South Lima, New York native majored in History for his Bachelor of Arts at Geneseo State University. He found his love for aviation and historical airplanes while working through college as a lineman at a local general aviation airport. In his quest for knowledge, while working as a Adjunct Professor at Florida Institute of Technology, Steve earned his Masters of Science, with emphasis on Airport Design, Development, and Management. 

Steve's well rounded experience brings an extra delight to each of his flights. He loves flying the Waco and the opportunity to share historical flights with our customers. He has flown over 1200 hours in our Waco Biplane, and is available daily for flights at the Merritt Island Airport. 
Your Florida Biplanes Team!
Pictured from left to right: Ben Remy, Steve Nesbitt, Talon Rayne, 
Mark Grainger, Mike Brady, Austin Hayford
Brian & Brandon
Ben Remy
Crew Chief